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Why Leaving Your Toothbrush On the Counter Could Make You Sick

Posted on 3/15/2018 by WDG Office
Toothbrush Midwest Dental Wauwatosa WI 53226After you get done brushing your teeth, you rinse your toothbrush off and set it down. If you set it on the counter, you leave it exposed to all of the dust, dirt, and debris that flies around your bathroom.

When you go to use your toothbrush the next time, you not only put the toothpaste into your mouth. You also put anything that stuck to your bristles in your mouth as well. This could wind up with you getting sick.

What to Do with Your Toothbrush

What you want to do is find a safe place to store your toothbrush. It should ideally be stored in a container that allows it to air out and dry, but also covers it from any debris settling in the room. Debris will get kicked up by using the bathroom. It then floats around the air, then falls on anything in its path.

If you have it covered, then the debris will not fall on top of your toothbrush. Just be careful that you have a container that will allow your toothbrush to air out between uses. If you have a sealed container, you could wind up with mildew starting to grow on your toothbrush, which is also incredibly dangerous to put in your mouth.

Pick a safe spot in your bathroom to store your toothbrush. Make sure you dust the surfaces in your bathroom regularly so that they are not covered in extra dust, as that will only kick up more each time you use your bathroom.

If you want more tips on how to make sure your toothbrush is safe to use, ask us the next time you come in for an exam. We can give you tips on how to store your toothbrush, as well as how to keep it sanitized.
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