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What to Do When You Wake Up with a Toothache

Posted on 5/20/2018 by WDG Office
Toothache Midwest Dental Wauwatosa WI 53226Waking up with a toothache is no fun. It can be something that comes from how you slept, something stuck in your tooth, or the symptom of a bigger problem. If you woke up this morning and your tooth hurt, it is important to come in and get it checked out.

Leaving a toothache is never a good idea. If the problem is serious, letting it sit can make it worse. Here are some things to do if your tooth hurts when you wake up.

Tending to a Sore Tooth

Waking up to a sore tooth tells you something is off. It can take time to figure out what. The first thing you should do is to brush, floss, and rinse your mouth out really well.

From there, see how your tooth feels. If the pain went away, you may have simply had something stuck between your teeth. If not, then you should likely take an over the counter pain reliever and call us.

From there, we will let you know how soon we can see you. We do our best to see patients as soon as possible, especially when pain is involved. If the pain gets severe, you can try alternating between cool and warm compresses on the area that is sore.

You should also keep up with your over the counter pain relievers on a schedule since they will help keep the pain at bay until you can get seen. You never want to simply ignore a toothache.

There is a reason something hurts. It just may take a little time to get to the bottom of why it hurts. Call us at the first sign of a toothache and let us know what you can about the situation. We will then have you come in and get seen so we can help treat the problem.
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