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Why You Should Always Have Current Dental X-rays

Posted on 8/15/2018 by WDG Office
Why You Should Always Have Current Dental X-raysIf you are a new patient or haven't been to our office in a long time, we will need to get a new set of X-rays to see how your teeth are doing.

When you take care of your teeth with good habits at home, including brushing and flossing, and regular visits for professional cleaning, everyone is happy.

You Should Always Have Current Dental X-rays

X-rays can tell us what is going on in your mouth better than any visual examination and it's important that we have a recent picture. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) has changed the guidelines for getting X-rays in adult patients. Those with no dental issues, that have checkups every six-months, and don't have other health conditions, don't need to have X-rays every year.

Patients who have gum disease, gingivitis, cavities, or other oral problems, may need to get X-rays every year or sometimes twice a year. If you have had a root canal recently, we may get a follow-up X-ray to make sure the infection is gone.

Are X-rays Safe?

Many people are concerned about the cumulative effect of radiation exposure with frequent X-rays, but researches have determined that the risks are minimal, even if you get them once or twice a year. Moreover, the levels of radiation in dental X-rays are extremely low.

Make sure you let us know of any changes that have happened in your recent health history or if you are pregnant. While the American College of Radiology determined that the radiation from X-rays cannot harm a developing fetus, many women are nervous about getting X-rays while pregnant. We take all the precautions to shield you properly.

We want to make sure we have a current X-ray reading in our office to determine if you need any treatment to improve your oral health.
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