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How to Protect Your Teeth if You Regularly Drink Coffee

Posted on 1/15/2019 by WDG Office
How to Protect Your Teeth if You Regularly Drink CoffeeDrinking coffee is not just a daily habit, it's a national pastime. With coffee shops in every corner of the country, people are drinking more coffee than ever before.

The problem with drinking coffee at home or elsewhere is that it can cause stains and other issues.

Protecting Your Teeth from Coffee

If you are one of those people who doesn't pass on the opportunity of heading out to get your favorite cup of coffee once or twice each day, you could be setting yourself up with some dental problems.

Coffee doesn't only stain your teeth and make them look unhealthy and unattractive while you are still young. If you drink too much of the sweetened coffees that are all the rage nowadays, you can also be at risk of more cavities and tooth decay.

There are some things you can do to minimize the adverse side effects of drinking too much coffee.

Rinse Your Mouth

Rinsing your mouth as soon as possible after drinking your daily cup (or more) of coffee can help you reduce staining. If you have access to a toothbrush, use the soft-bristled kind and wait about an hour after you're done drinking to avoid damage. Coffee is acidic and weakens the enamel. If you brush right away, you could be weakening it further.

Add Milk
Those who like black coffee are at a higher risk of having stains on their teeth than those who add some form of milk. This is according to some studies that suggest the dairy provides additional protection from the acids in coffee.

There are some who suggest you can also drink tea or coffee from a straw to reduce the amount of the drink that comes in contact with your teeth. Teeth whitening treatments are other options to protect your teeth if you drink coffee regularly.

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