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Filling Gaps and Chips Wauwatosa, WI

Filling Gaps

Regain a big beatiful smile by filling gaps and fixing chips.For major tooth gaps, the best option to correct them is orthodontic care. Gaps can result in aesthetic issues, as a gap between your teeth can draw people’s attention to that flaw immediately. More importantly, major gaps can cause dental health issues if the alignment is off, leading to problems with chewing and biting while also increasing your chance of grinding.

Orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign® can shift the alignment of your teeth. This will improve the spacing and reduce the size of your gap. The end result will be teeth that rest together properly, reducing oral health problems and the likelihood of grinding. Contact us today if you are ready to eliminate your gaps for good.

Filling Chips

Bicycle wrecks, skateboard crashes, and playground incidents are all common causes of chipped teeth in children. Once the chipped tooth mishap occurs, contact us as soon as possible. Your child's dentist will repair the tooth with a technique known as composite bonding. The process utilizes tooth-colored composite resin to repair the chipped area. The resin is placed, molded, and sculpted to the ideal shape. The procedure can be performed in a single visit and typically takes around one hour or less. Your dentist will discuss with you whether there will be additional treatment needed in the future, as your child grows.
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